About Surround Score

Surround Score is a music production library for film, TV, documentaries and multi-media production. The music is primarily the work of composer Jonathan David Neal. Surround Score content has these features:

LIVE MUSIC: Over 85% of the library is recorded with live symphonic orchestras.
5.1 SURROUND SOUND: Surround mixes in “real” surround - not matrix or quasi surround. Music cues will be delivered in 6 channel wave files and/or Dolby ac3 files.
OUTSTANDING ORCHESTRAL & CHORAL MUSIC: This is what we do best. We do integrate digital instruments and sound design with our music, but our orchestras are real.
CLASSICAL MUSIC: Over 1.5 hours of recorded classical music of works by Beethoven, Vivaldi and Mozart as well as full-length movements.
PRODUCER/EDITOR “FRIENDLY”: All music, including surround sound files, come in full- length pieces with 60 sec, 30 sec and 15 sec. cut-downs.
CDs/HARDDRIVES: The music will be available by either hard drives or CDs.

This website is under construction, but music is immediately available for license.

Contact: JDN@surroundscore.com •• +1 714-658-7344

  Jonathan David Neal  
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